I don’t consider myself a foodie but I do enjoy eating! I will post the recipes I tried or I will simply talk about food. And how about a drink? It's on the house! Non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverages (approved by me).

Forget Pumpkin! C Is for Corn.

Now that October is just around the corner you are probably aware that the commotion, the frenzy of EVERYTHING PUMPKIN is hitting the shelves of any decent grocery store and cafés, right? So how about something that doesn’t have pumpkin in it, that it’s not pumpkin...

Cheers to Champagne & Mint

Do you like champagne? Do you like mint? If the answer is yes with a smile, this drink is for you. I already know it's a good one for me. The recipe is from a book called GRUB: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen by Anna Lappé and Bryant Terry. The title says it all;...

What’s cooking?

I didn’t add the Food & Drinks section in the Bungalow “just because”... I do a lot of cooking and I can assure you that, out of my basic knowledge and every-now-and-then bravado on the subject, the results are satisfactory. There will be a few glimpses of divine...

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