Everybody needs a B.

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Stories | 2 comments

My best friend B. is moving today to Georgia. I would say that she’s more than a friend in a sense that she’s family but being related to someone by blood ties doesn’t necessarily strike a chord in your heart. Quite the opposite. My B. is a soul sister. We are family by choice, which is the best kind.

Yes, she is leaving but we will always be close, no matter how far from each other we are in this world. We already cried our eyes out last Sunday but I know they were not sad tears but truly an overflow of love. I know she is staying.  She is not going anywhere. Neither am I.

The friendship was born like any other… It was never planned, it just happened. Right off the bat, there was that strange mutual feeling of recognition, way mature to our then teenage existences. A recognition unbased in this world, as we couldn’t find anything – a trace, a clue, the slightest chance – that could have linked us to a prior encounter in this life. We agree it was beyond our understanding, sort of mystical, and we left it like that. We just had to become what we were supposed to become… together. And it has been unfolding as beautifully as it could be since then.  

It’s because of B. I am where I am today. Literally. I came to attend her wedding as a maid of honor not having the slightest idea that my destiny was being sealed at the moment she said “I do”. I did it, too, B. Life came at full force and the tribe we formed has an unknown origin and an ending likewise. Our children refer at each other as cousins; her husband is a brother-figure to me. Our add-ons in our fro-yo are so diverse but the main flavor is the same. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be us.

“My conclusion is that everybody needs to have a B. in this world.” said matter-of-factly, another friend, aware of my teary soul. I agree. This friend also has her B’s (yes, you can have more than one B. as they are like parallel universes, they can co-exist!). I am sure you have yours and if you don’t, it’s because it hasn’t happened yet. Just be aware: they do exist and they also need you. Everybody needs a B. It’s comforting as knowing the sun will rise and it will set everyday.

Yes, my best friend is moving today to Georgia but she will always be here. She’s B. Forever.