Bring It On, Bourdain!

by | Mar 20, 2016 | Books | 0 comments

I’ve always been Anthony Bourdain’s fan so when I found out that his new book will be released this fall/ 2016, it was just natural that I would do some little jumps, clap my hands fast and repeatedly and shriek, expressing the joy and excitement of my discovery. Yeah right. I love the man but – or because of that –  I didn’t do that. My cheered resembled more of a “f**k, yeah” reverence because I know – I just KNOW – there is a big treat coming my way. I just wished he was close to high-five me. One can dream.

Really, I can’t wait for Appetites, which is going to be Bourdain’s first cookbook in 10 years. Now when he cooks, it’s for family and friends and the idea of a home and entertaining cookbook with his signature is simply irresistible for me. I’m always looking for new recipes or new ways to feed my people. The same old way everyday is not that fun when it becomes a chore. I like to spice things up – quite literally. Also, I enjoy entertaining, having people over, even though I don’t do this often… One more reason to make it a memorable experience when it happens. I can’t wait for this book!


THE “BAD” BOY FROM IPANEMA. Bourdain in Rio enjoying a caipirinha and what it seems to be the remains of the so called Podrão (slang for hotdog with everything on it).

If you are familiar with the name Anthony Bourdain you know that his métier is not exclusively about cooking. He goes to places and brings them to the table (or is it the opposite?) in a soul-filled, witty, irreverent way. His what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude is stamped on his televised globetrotting adventures, his books (I read them all), his public appearances. He is funny and I get his jokes. What’s not to like about him?

Reading Kitchen Confidential was the beginning of my journey on Bourdain’s territory. Once I started it, I was hooked. I gobbled up all his books after that, one by one, fiction and nonfiction, mesmerized by his writing, his stories. I had to like the guy who says that “your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride”. I’m all about that. I have fun with food, I am not afraid to try new things.

It’s good to point out that my Bourdain recollections go beyond pans and books and tv shows. I’ll never forget when a sister-friend of mine surprised me on my birthday taking me to see him in Miami. He was a sort of mediator between two famous chefs in a face-off, or better, a cook-off event. We didn’t have the bracelets that allowed us to stay after the show to greet the chefs, including him, but I could see his tall figure, just standing there in a corner, alone, holding a drink, sort of amused with the whole thing. Yes, Anthony Bourdain was just there, a few feet away from me, unpretentious, as if he was just one of us. Actually, he IS  just one of us and he seems to know that but he is also famous, a public figure, and the velvet rope and the security between us was a confirmation of that.  I knew he was not there by a coincidence, after all, he was there working and I wish I could say I didn’t trespass the rope and defy security to let him just be, to respect his boundaries. Nah, I lacked the bracelet and also the nerve to do that, plain and simple. I can be very appropriate sometimes. It sucked for me, though, but I had a great birthday with the best of gifts!

Appetites is already in my not-miss-for-the-world list so I will patiently stay put, waiting for its release. I’m hungry for that. The kind of hunger that will make me jump over a velvet rope this time, I swear.