I love reading, I love books! I really do. Here is all about books: the ones I’ve read, the ones I am reading, the ones I want to read. Everything book-related. I will muse about my favorite writers, too.

One Thousand and One Nights of Editing

Reading to my kids at night is one of our family traditions besides board games, family hugs, Raclette or Taco Any-Day-of-the-Week (why only Tuesday?) and prolonged tucking ins*, just to name a few. * Special Note for Tucking ins: If you’re a parent you know this is...

Quote Of The Day – Marney Morris

  This quote is from the book "A Whole New Mind - Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future" by Daniel H.Pink and who says this is Marney Morris, founder and president of Animatrix ( and instructor in interactive design at Stanford University, in the...

Quote Of The Day – Ray Bradbury

1920 - 2012 Today, August 22nd, Ray Bradbury would be turning 96 if he had not been already transferred from this world to another one... One that we all will eventually find out where it is... or not, right?  His exit from Earth almost sounds like one of his stories,...

Bring It On, Bourdain!

I’ve always been Anthony Bourdain’s fan so when I found out that his new book will be released this fall/ 2016, it was just natural that I would do some little jumps, clap my hands fast and repeatedly and shriek, expressing the joy and excitement of my discovery. Yeah...

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