BOHEMIAN’S BUNGALOW is a happy place. You come here to have a good time. It’s pretty much when you meet your friends – or make new ones – and find interesting things to talk/think about. And you laugh, you vent, you disagree, you can even cry… but then, you feel good! You want to come back. There’s room for everyone, literally (or better, virtually). No cliques here. Come on in, “mi casa es su casa” or better, “my bungalow is yours bungalow”.


Just think of me as someone that you like to hang out. Oh, is this what is called… “a friend”? So friend it is! Ha! I am blessed to have plenty of good ones but, hey, my heart is big, so the more the merrier! I hope you, my already friends, come here often to share your thoughts, your love (or else*). And I hope that my guests become great friends, too.

*Slightest dangerous proposition but I am fearless (most of the time).


All right. My name is Simone, you can call me Si, as a bunch of people already do. I love reading and writing. I was born in Brazil, currently living in a small town in South Florida with my husband, two kids and a cat. I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising but I could have one in Art, History or Archeology as well, which pretty much proves how important that degree meant to my life. My professional background is very rich and colorful, let’s put this way. I will elaborate at some point.I am a Bohemian by heart and that’s what it made me start this blog. Yeah, that flame was never extinguished and I will show you that. So if you want to find out how was my journey from a free-spirit, big city lover, party girl to an expat, suburban stay at home mom, you are up to a treat, my friend!


I write what it crosses my mind. Stories, thoughts, ideas, musings and memories will be spilled out. You can call them silly, irrelevant but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I will tell stories that I heard from family members, friends (don’t worry… You know who you are but nobody will). Whatever I find interesting, beautiful, intriguing, especially funny, even bizarre, will be here too. That’s what I’ll do.