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Miscellaneous (because there is always stuff coming out of the cracks)
You are my guest, therefore you will be treated with upmost respect. The motto is “my bungalow es su bungalow”. I want you to feel comfortable, relaxed, happy as usually a hostess want their guests to feel, right? (I am excluding family reunions, when each family member is on his/her own, obviously). Of course, we have to consider that as a guest in any house, there are some unspoken rules of respect and courtesy. I’ll do my part but you have to take care after yourself. The owner of any offensive comment will be escorted out. It’s my house and if I see any inappropriate behaviour or attempts to harassment, the culprit will have to hit the road. Oh, wait a minute. Oh, yes, this offensive comments will not see the day of light in your screen because I will block them out! Ha,  don’t even bother sending them. There is a lot of places out there where you can do this kind of thing, you bungalow wrecker, party pooper, not here. However, I really appreciate – or better – I welcome your feedback and constructive criticism, I say. I don’t expect we share the same dreams and aspirations but I do believe we still can have a good time. How boring it would be a party, for example, if everybody would think, feel and look the same, right? I’d just leave right away (after hitting the bar, obviously).

Stuff & People and the Money Behind It
Also, a very important message: everything that I say or endorse here – a product, service, a person, a place, anything – is what I genuinely like, respect, adore… I will surely mention if I have some financial gain from it, which I truly hope it happens, by the way. It would be nice to contribute financially to my household (I can see my husband’s eye fighting a tear). You know, unfortunately, keeping up with laundry, cooking and grocery shopping does not pay any bills, it does not even get me a spot in heaven! It’s so unfair. Anyway, it’s a promise: if the Bohemian is having some bling, you will know. Be happy for it, it will be good for you, too.

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