Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin is an American screenwriter, producer and playwright. His rapid-fire dialogues and extended monologues are trademarks of modern classics as A Few Good Men, The Social Network, Moneyball and, most recently, Steve Jobs and tv dramas as The West Wing and HBO’s The Newsroom. The next project of this acclaimed screenwriter is the adaptation of the iconic American novel To Kill a Mockingbird for the 2017-2018 Broadway season.

“Decisions are made by those who show up.”

“Develop your own compass, and trust it. Take risks, dare to fail, remember the first person
through the wall always gets hurt.”

“Everything I’ve ever written, I want to go back and write again, better.”

‘Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.’

“You’re too good to think people who disagree with you are your enemy.”