$19.03 REWARD

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Funny Stuff | 0 comments

When the Human Resources from the advertising agency I used to work sent a memo saying that a full case of mineral water bottles went missing from the break room, it was too good of a opportunity for a friend and co-worker to make this sign. His knowledge of photoshop and his ability to write good copy made this happen. His semi-cubicle was next to mine and there are so many stories to tell but this one it was one of the funniest.

He found photos on the server of some of our colleagues and fragmented the features to make a collage of the possible culprit. We knew who could’ve done that but the intention was not to accuse anyone. It was just for the sake of fun. I’m so glad he had that free time on his hands. I helped him in some other “unofficial” projects and it was all worth it.